Friday, September 4, 2009

Why Buy the Cow When Mysoginists Can Make You Feel Ashamed for Giving the Milk Away for Free

The people behind this company are absolute garbage.  If you were a nursing mother why would you give money to a company that equates your breasts to udders?

If you feel the need to cover up when your baby eats, whatever (though all those dirty old men staring at you, gladly chomping away, open-mouthed, on whatever swill the mall food court has on special that day won't ever put a blanket over their heads to hide the hideous spectacle that is their masticating), but these sh*theads are calling you all cows.  F*ck them; they can rot in bankruptcy.

Of course, speaking of "Cow", here's Sparklehorse:

I am slowly turning CG&A into a blog about '90s music.

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