Friday, September 4, 2009

Better Than Ezra

Really, who is when discussing freedom of speech.

Ezra Levant on the recent self-realization by a Human Rights Commission about the wretchedness of Human Rights Commissions:
But seriously, kudos to everyone who has helped to shine a light of scrutiny and accountability on these corrupt, abusive HRCs. I credit the blogosphere, and talk radio, and some of the more open-minded reporters in the mainstream media, for turning “HRC” into a four-letter word. And, of course, there’s Marc Lemire himself who has labored in the face of a relentless, tax-funded inquisition for nearly six years, as the state prosecuted him with an illegal law, using abusive tactics. He – and everyone else ever charged under this illegal law – deserves compensation for the abuses they’ve suffered.
(I also make note of it here.)

Just so that the title of this post makes sense, here's...

(Sorry, it's the best version I could find - to make up for it, here is what is, quite possibly, the best Saturday Night Live musical performance of all time.)

Bonus points for the Tom & Roseanne sighting.

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