Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Updates: Inflated Prices, Jack Layton, Pork and Phil Collins

Hi all, here are a few things that have been going on in my little area of the blogosphere:

Barack Obama comes out against trade and prosperity, and I write about it at ThePolitic.  ("Inflated prices", get it?  Get it?)

There's some back and forth on government subsidies of hog farming at ThePolitic.  Sean Calder writes about it here.  I write some more here.  (Naturally, I couldn't be satisfied merely writing my own post, I had to comment on Sean's as well.  Please feel free to respond to one or both of them.)

Richard Albert is writing tidbits over at Politico.  He thinks the Republicans lack civility, but mainly lack leadership.  I am shocked - *shocked* - that someone would suggest that Michael Steele lacks leadership.

Inspired by a nice post at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, I write about Jack Layton's prospects here.  Before I had a chance to finish my post, Sean Calder had already weighed in on Layton here.  You should read all the posts (and the very thoughtful comments on Scott H. Payne's post at The League), but here's the jist:  Scott and I see a big opportunity for Layton, and think that's a good thing (I think Scott likes it more than I do).  Sean thinks that Layton had a chance, but blew it (a position to which I am sympathetic).

As noted here, I am skeptical about Layton actually capitalizing on his opportunity.  So, to him, I dedicate this:

God I love this video.  Sometimes I desperately miss the 80s.

(I hope the missus doesn't mind, but tomorrow I may have to buy Against All Odds.)

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