Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come on over to the Commons

Hey, this is just a quick note to tell y'all about a new site that I'm a part of called the Commons.  We just launched last week, and we have a rather impressive collection of contributors - including journalist Kate Chappell, ThePolitic/The Mark/HuffPo/Politico contributor Richard Albert, and Scott H. Payne of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, True/Slant and The Washington Examiner.

So far we have a few posts up.

Richard writes about Mulroney.

Kate laments the loss of Helen Thomas.

Scott analyzes the media.

Patrick Baud talks coalition and the lack of imagination.

And my old roomie, Tarek Virani, looks at the implications on Canada of the BP oil spill.

I've got a few posts up, too.  I write about the tragedy of children dying in the back seats of cars, the craziness of Maxime Bernier, the rise of Murphy Brown and, of course, INXS (cuz it's all about 80s pop culture... always).

So come on over, and be friend there.  As they say, blogs should never tear us apart.