Friday, September 4, 2009

I Owe Y'All a Post About Education

I've been meaning to write something about education for a while (I mad some notes on June 19 - on June 22 my house kinda burned down, hence the lack of progress).  Anyway, over at ThePolitic I note everything that Lindsay notes over at his blog, Random Dispatches.  Here's the money line from Lindsay's post:
Two interesting themes arise here: a) the most interesting stuff is happening at charter schools (the “startups” of the education world?) and b) if you want better schools you’re on a collision course with the union.  I’m hoping some of these memes go national soon.
As someone who has worked in the education industry, I echo Lindsay's sentiments, though I would add that in order to change education you will be colliding with unions and beaurocrats.  It's shocking how little concern there is for the actual students.

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