Monday, August 17, 2009

Pork by any other name...

Well, actually, this time it's really pork. From The Globe and Mail:

With the worst hog market in 60 years draining a nest-egg that took him almost as long to build, Bill Vaags was in the mood for some good news when he attended a Winnipeg press conference Saturday.

He joined several other pig farmers in the audience to find out what kind of lifeline Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz would toss their ailing industry.


The federal package is a three-part plan: launch a $17-million marketing venture to sell Canadian pork internationally; offer government-backed loans to farmers with viable hog operations; and set aside $75-million to buy the worst-off farmers out of the business.
So, Harper's been bailing out the auto industry and the manufacturing industry, and now he wants to bail out the pork industry? That's awesome.

Ya know, it's great that they're going to help out "viable hog operations", but isn't that what banks are for?

(H/T: Charles Anthony.)

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