Monday, August 17, 2009

Anyone remember that Czars aren't actually a part of democracy?

My God.

It's bad enough that Obama has to have a Czar for seemingly everything, but now we have jump on the band wagon? Come on.

From The Canadian Press:
Canada needs an independent health czar to co-ordinate the country's response to the swine flu pandemic, the Canadian Medical Association Journal said Monday.

In an editorial signed by editor-in-chief Dr. Paul Hebert, the journal called for the appointment of someone who would serve as an independent "national champion" with the necessary legislative powers to be able to facilitate the response across provincial and territorial boundaries.

Yes, that's exactly what we need - unelected officials with legislative powers. Does Dr. Hebert even get what it means to be in a democracy?

Oh, but it's okay, he's a doctor.

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