Friday, August 21, 2009

More on the Muhammad Cartoons and Yale University

Writing at The News Blog of the Yale Alumni Magazine, Carole Bass attacks critics of Yale University Press's decision not to publish any images of Muhammad in a book about the impact of Muhammad:
Most of the conservative outcry over the Yale University Press’s Muhammad cartoon censorship has accused the university of cowardice (though we haven’t seen many of those accusers bravely replicating the offending illustrations).
Well, I displayed an image of Muhammad here, and posted a link to the cartoons a couple of times, but it's true; I've never posted any of the cartoons. So here's one (chosen not quite at random, but because it was the first one on the page I found):

Now, maybe Ms. Bass will still call me a coward. I'm pretty sure only a handful of people have ever read this blog.

Perhaps there's no concern that any reprisals will occur in Canada. Maybe we're too civilized for that.

Or, maybe not...

(H/T: Michael Rubin.)

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