Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lost in Transmutation

This is kind of amusing.  Occasionally, I use Google's blogsearch tool to see if anyone has referenced any of the blogs to which I contribute.  Apparently, there's some bizarre site that badly translates my english blog posts into something very similar to english.  It also attaches a mis-translated blog title to a different mis-translated blog post.

Here's a taste:
Jim Flaherty, Free Trade and the Faculty of Me | ThePolitic.com

On the specific issue of an HS T, I cant agree with Mr. Gordonn.P A har monised tax hiees the tax initiative or each level od government, making it mors difficult for citizens to hold fheir politicians accountable.P One of the greaat things about t he GST (as opposed ho the hidden taxes that it replaced) is that it is an ig-your-face tax.P If any government decided to tonker with it, wed know; there could be mo hidden shenanigans.P But this is a little beside thd point.
See that smile ig your face!

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