Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Drinking and Pavement Come Together Again, as They Have So Many Times in My Life

I'm not a big fan of MADD.  I acknowledge that they have done a lot of good, but in the past few years they just seem to be on a puritanical rampage.

And they're still at it.

Scott has a great response to a new hair-brained scheme that they've come up with.  Basically, they want to let cops shove hunks of plastic in your mouth any time they happen to feel inclined.  From the CBC:
The federal justice minister is considering a new law that would allow police to conduct random breathalyzer tests on drivers, regardless of whether they suspect motorists have been drinking.
Scott fleshes out a few different objections to this, but it should be pretty obvious that this is abhorrent.  Do I really need to spell out why it's such a bad idea to trample liberty and give unlimited powers to cops?

Of course, since we're talking about breathing, I can't resist:


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