Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Coup is in the Eye of the Beholder

Richard has a new (well, it's kind of old now) column on the Honduran coup, er, defence of their constitution.

When I devised this bolg, the intent (what little of it there was) to have a libertarian-leaning/fusionist blog. I wasn't planning to comment on all things political; I wanted to have a narrow focus. Nonetheless, I'll shoot my mouth (keyboard) on this one.

Richard is right. This wasn't a coup. Or if it was, it was an attempted coup by Zelaya. Zelaya was acting in a treasonous way. Seemingly, he broke the constitution and broke the law. The rest of the structure of Honduran democracy stood up against him. The military did the right thing (there are a lot of links I could find to back this up, but I'm feeling lazy).

This report is quite sad. It's sad because there is still an international presence pushing for Zelaya's re-instatement.

It's sad because the recent defenders of democracy (Canada, America, Britain, France, Holland, etc.) have not been supporting this nascent democracy. They've actually been part of the seige.

It's sad that they still use the word coup. Actually, it's insulting that they still use the word coup.

Thankfully, the "coup leaders" are following the path of a number of other "coup leaders", General Brock, Winston Churchill, the French Resistance - to name a few. I pray for their strength and perseverance, while the rest of the world catches up.

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