Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Revisiting the Patriot Party of Canada

The other day, I noted the existence (or one-time existence) of the "Patriot" Party of Canada. The title of the post was rather inflammatory, though I don't think, necessarily, inappropriate. However, I do feel a minor clarification is in order.

I have no reason to believe that any of the members* of the Patriot Party of Canada are fascists. It's a loaded word, and I doubt a valid (all-encompassing) descriptor. However, the platform of the PPC is fascistic, or, to put it another way, has fascist tendencies. It likely would qualify as Liberal Fascism.

To make sure that this is not misconstrued, fascist does not necessarily equate to Nazi and it does not necessarily equate to racist. It seems pretty obvious that the PPC is not racist (though racialist might apply).

I know this is a significant claim that I haven't yet supported, but I will. It certainly wouldn't be fair of me to make the statement without offering any support for it.

*Funnily enough, in 1993, I lent support to Marianne Wilkinson in her bid to secure the Progressive Conservative nomination in Kanata (or whatever the riding was called). Small world.

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