Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We're Living in a Compromise, or, I'll Sell My Soul / What is it Worth?

So, Parliament has been prorogued.  The Olympics are coming.  And it looks like we won't be getting to the bottom (read: Peter MacKay) of the detainee scandal anytime soon.

I pass judgement on this latest development here.

Scott at The League has some thoughts on the scandal, and y'all should check him out.

At ThePolitic, I've caught a lot of flak for not toeing the party line - I was actually called a 'bleeding heart liberal', if you can beleive it.  Some people want to conflate this prorogation with last year's (which I, unpublishedly, supported).  There's also a lot of talk about senate committees and 'pressing the reset button' (gawd, I hate that phrase) and a whole bunch of other 'valid' reasons for prorogation.  I'm unmoved, but no completely unsympathetic.

So, why don't we make a deal?  Mr. Harper prorogues Parliament but promises to have a full, open, independent investigation into the willful blindness our officials displayed in Afghanistan.  If he makes such a promise, I will support his prorogation 100%.

(Sure, I don't believe promises from politicians, but I find their promises useful.  In this case, if he backtracked on such a promise, it would be all the more ammunition against the Conservatives.)

Earlier this evening the wife and I noted that one purpose of CG&A is seemingly random pop culture references.  So, a propos Scott's post (titled Burn, Baby, Burn), I give you the appropriately named Ash:

And on that note, here's my favourite Ash song:

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