Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peter Hume Deserves to Get Turfed Out of Office

From The Ottawa Citizen:
The leader of the city council committee bringing in a new service charge to pay for the green-bin program says it’s too late to make significant changes to the program.

Councillor Peter Hume said Tuesday that contracts have been signed and bins are being distributed, so it’s not possible for the city to retreat from the $17-million program now.

Addressing councillors on the planning and environment committee and reporters later on, Hume said the communication of the project, including the method of paying for it, hasn’t been very well executed. But Hume said the city must proceed with an organics diversion program to save space at the city's big Trail Road landfill and improve on a second-to-last-place performance on waste diversion among major Ontario municipalities.

Councillors have been getting an earful from residents who don’t want to pay for the green-bin service and don’t even want the bin.
So, Peter Hume thinks that the communication for the Green Bin program has been poorly executed.  Well, guess who's ultimately responsible for that: Peter Hume.

Of course, the councillors are circling the wagons:
Several committee members blamed media for misleading reporting of the issue.
Well, that certainly put me in my place.  It's all the media's fault.

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